Terms & Conditions

Cupping Wheel:
The Go Cup Yourself interactive cupping wheel is for entertainment purposes only. we make no guarantees as to its accuracy or functionality on any given day. By this we mean, taste is subjective and while there is no wrong answer as to what you taste, others may disagree, and that's okay. Also the wheel is just a coded game sitting on a server somewhere on the internet. It may go down from time to time, lose functionality or disappear entirely. We will do our best to ensure it works at all times, but if it is down take a deep breath and remember there are way bigger issues you could be focused on.

Subscription services:
Once you have subscribed to any of our subscription services, Go Cup Yourself will roast and ship you coffee until you ask us to stop. You can cancel at any time, before the coffee for that month has been roasted. All Go Cup Yourself subscriptions are Roasted on the first Wednesday of the month we are in. To cancel your subscription simply log into your Go Cup Yourself account and choose to cancel the subscription you no longer want. Ensure that the selection is cancelled. If you have any issues please contact us at coffee@gocupyourself.com. Together we will figure it out.

3 Month Subscriptions:
3 Month "Gift" subscriptions can not be cancelled once the first month's shipment has been shipped. No refund whole or partial will be issued on 3 month subscriptions. If there is are unforeseen circumstances (a death or decision to never drink coffee again); 1. we are sorry for your loss 2. We will accommodate a change of recipient for the remaining months or try to redirect your coffee to someone of your choosing, but the money is already spent. (While we jest, the money has actually already been allocated to ordering enough coffee to fulfill the order and we don't waste coffee).

Legal Stuff:
We reserve the right to cancel our services at any time. We will do our best to do right by all of our subscribers should the need come to cancel any of our services. While we don't foresee the need to stop serving all or any particular user, stuff happens. Any legal issues will be handled under the laws of Ontario, Canada.
For detailed Terms and Conditions please visit darkcitycoffee/legal-terms-of-use/ . All of our roasting and shipping is managed through Dark City Coffee and as such we follow their terms and conditions.

Accepted Payments and Refund Policy:
Go Cup Yourself Coffee uses a Third Party Gateway to collect payments. Through this Gateway we accept major credit cards including MasterCard, Visa, Amex as well as Apple Pay. Go Cup Yourself Coffee also uses a Third Party service to manage payment charges for our subscription services.

If you feel you have been billed in error, it is your responsibility to notify Go Cup Yourself Coffee by email at coffee@gocupyourselfcoffee.com immediately. We will investigate the charge and if it was indeed in error we will issue a refund. We will investigate but NOT REFUND charges that are over 29 days old as the payment has already gone towards roasted coffee (that can not be unroasted or resold).  

If you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact Go Cup Yourself Coffee at coffee@gocupyourselfcoffee.com and we will work with you to rectify the issue. Roasted coffee can not be returned, but if we have made an error we will do our best to make things right.

Shipping and Shipping Costs:
All of our products and subscriptions are shipped through Canada Post, Purolator or our in-house delivery service.  There is no such thing as "free shipping". When we say shipping included, we mean we've incorporated it into the price and we are eating some of it. We do this because it sucks to feel like something is a great value and then having the price jacked up by shipping. Here's the thing though, shipping costs are very real and depend on weight and distance. If you live really far away or in another country we may need to charge for shipping. If we do need to charge for shipping we'll let you know in advance and make sure you are okay with it first. Some of our products already have shipping added in the checkout stage of the shopping cart. We didn't really have a choice (because we can't control the cost if the items and still offer them to you at a fair price if we eat the shipping, it's really that simple).

Porch Pirates:
Porch Pirates are scum. Once a package has shipped and been delivered it is really out of our hands. We can not be held responsible for missing packages and suggest you contact the appropriate shipping service if your delivery is not where you expected it to be. They may be able to track down your package or offer you some compensation. That being said we've all had stuff go missing and know how it feels. If a lowlife porch pirate has stolen your coffee please contact us and we'll see what we can do. If it happens more than once though you should really think about getting some cameras and maybe a dog that lives on your porch.

Credit Where Credit is Due:
The Flavour Wheel used on this website has been modified from, but is based on and draws inspiration from the SCAA’s flavour wheel. The SCAA flavour wheel is the industry standard for cupping professionals and an extremely useful tool when grading coffee. The original Coffee Taster’s Flavour Wheel can be found at https://www.scaa.org/ along with invaluable information regarding specialty coffee.

Privacy Policy

This Website and organization uses and collects Personal Data from its Users, Visitors and Subscribers including but not limited to the use of Cookies and Website Analytics and Usage tracking. All data will be retained until our organization decides to purge it.

All data collected may be used by Go Cup Yourself, Dark City Coffee Company or any third party that our organization selects to maintain our systems, improve our services, review our customer experience or offer our visitors added value as we see fit.

While some Personal Information is shared freely by the User and other information is collected by the Applications, Add-ons, and third party services used by this website, all information collected is property of Go Cup Yourself and Dark City Coffee Company to be used as we choose (within the bounds of the law of Ontario, Canada). We reserve the right to share and use all data collected for the benefit of our organization and Users (again within the bounds of the laws of Ontario Canada). No further compensation will be given for Personal Information unless explicitly agreed to in writing. If you would like your Personal Information to be removed from our system please contact our Privacy Officer. We will accommodate all Specific User removal requests in a timely manner (Analytics and User Statistics are considered an amalgamation or data and not specific to any one user).

In a nutshell:

1) Go Cup Yourself Coffee and Dark City Coffee Company reserve the right to use your information to offer you amazing service, suggestions we think you’ll like and to generally improve your day. We’re not going to sell your information or offer it to anyone who will compromise our brand or your trust in us.

2) If you subscribe to receive emails or information from us we will send it to you until you say stop. You can tell us to stop at any time and we will, because if you don’t want to hear from us, we don’t want to talk to you. Its that simple!

3) While we do our best to protect all Personal Information in our possession, there are obviously shady types out there who may try to compromise our systems. We will not be held responsible for any such breaches and accept no liability (at least not financially) if any such breach should occur.

4) Oh Yeah, we will also cooperate fully with law enforcement when required regarding any investigation brought to our attention…especially fraud or theft, because come on guys, just don’t commit fraud or theft!

5) If we have to make any changes or get any more specific (legally speaking) we will post the changes on this webpage. If any changes we make require us to ask for renewed User permissions to collect information we will contact the affected Users and ask.