October 2023 - A Mountain, Coffee and Bees

October 2023’s Coffee Origin
Kenya AA - Nyeri Kamunyaka
Washed & Patio Dried

Region: Nyeri County, Central Kenya
Varietals: Batian, Kenya SL28, Ruiru 11
Growing Elevation: 5800+ feet
Harvest: April through July
Process: Fully Washed & Patio Dried
Flavour Profile and Notes: GO CUP YOURSELF and find out!

This Month's Coffee Selection
I chose this one for the coffee and ...the bees!

Established in 1956, The Kamunyaka Factory is located in Nyeri County, Central Kenya and is part of the Iria-Ini Farmers Cooperative Society. A quick look at the Coop's X  (formerly Twitter) feed, reveals the work they are involved in empowering their farmers as well as contributing to the education and the betterment of the local community.

The farm for this month's origin is found on the slopes of Mount Kenya at an altitude of 5800ft above sea level. As discussed previously, the high altitude contributes to the conditions ideal for coffee trees while the climate at this height produces slow beautifully ripened cherries. The water from the mountain side offers further geographical advantages as it is used in the growing, farming and processing of the coffee.

While we've Cupped several Kenyan Origins and are huge fans of the quality coffees that we've tried, this one had an interesting side story. The wet mill that processes Nyeri Kamunyaka coffees operates and maintain 100 bee hives. Their coffee plants are cross pollinated among the farms crops and have benefited with complex and interesting coffee profiles. The Iria-Ini Farmers Cooperative Society also initiates and promotes bee-keeping projects for the other wet mills under its umbrella. While this is amazing for the coffee production of the local farmers it is also great for ...the bees!

Roaster’s Notes:
This month's coffee was a bit of a surprise. While the roast followed a similar profile to other Kenyan coffees we've tried, this one appeared to like a bit more heat on the initial charge.  My best guess is the coffee may have a higher than usual moisture content, but I can't rule out environmental factors such as the autumn temperature fluctuations and outdoor humidity.  Regardless of the reason, this coffee was roasted with a hotter initial temperature (than I would usually use charge) and then progressed smoothly and predictable through the following 13ish minute roast.

Similar to last month we went with a full medium roast to allow this coffee to maintain some of its beautiful Kenyan characteristics while at the same time being accessible as an everyday drinking cup of coffee. 

While cupping this month look for hints of Cranberry followed by …wait a minute, if you want cupping notes Go Cup Yourself!

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Once you have finished Cupping, click on the “EXPERT TASTED” tab for our tasting notes. Can’t wait to compare notes.

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