October 2020 Coffee Subscriptions Are on Route!

Welcome to the growing family of Coffee Cuppers at Go Cup Yourself. Some of you have been Cupping with us for a while now and we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your support. SO THANK YOU!!!!!

As you may know, October 2020 marks our first public offering through the Go Cup Yourself website. This made selecting our “first” origin kind of a big deal (to us anyways). While we found some awesome contenders, it only made sense to start from the beginning…of coffee that is!

While the earliest credible evidence of coffee beans being boiled and consumed as a drink (Qahwa) comes from Yemen, legend places the origin of coffee with a goat herder in Ethiopia. We give little credence to the goat herder myth, but it’s a fun story and as good an origin story as any.
So the decision is made, Ethiopia it is!

Ethiopia is consistently home to some of the most interesting, complex coffees we Cup. The vast selection of Ethiopian offerings can be overwhelming, but we find most of the samples that come through our doors absolutely worthwhile. This month we are cupping an Ethiopian coffee that is a staple at Dark City Coffee Company. It always places in our top 5 when someone is looking for a Natural Processed coffee that they can practice Cupping with. So, without further ado, get ready to Cup:

Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe Worka
Varietal: Ethiopian Heirloom
Growing Elevation: 6070 feet
Process: Natural
Certifications: Organic, Fairtrade, Shade Grown
Flavour Profile and Notes: GO CUP YOURSELF and find out!

Roaster’s Notes:
This Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Worka roasts beautifully (once you get a feel for it). It requires patience and a relatively gentle heat throughout the roasting process. Our favourite profile was achieved by letting the roast reach second crack and run through the higher end of an expected roast time. The longer/gentler roast appears to give it better balance and a more discernible flavour profile.

Once you have finished Cupping, click on the “EXPERT TASTED” tab for our tasting notes. Can’t wait to compare notes.

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