March 2023 - Anaerobic ...Again ...Yup!

March 2023’s Coffee Origin
Colombia Finca La Esperanza
Anaerobic, Honey & Sun Dried on Patios

Another Anaerobic, what's all the fuss? 
Anaerobically processed coffees have been evolving for several years and are all the rage right now.  With processors continuously experimenting with duration and methods there is very little standardization as to what can be labeled "anaerobic".  As far as we can surmise, coffees are anaerobic when some part of the fermentation process is performed in the absence of oxygen. Whether the processor uses large bags, homemade vats or customized containers with valves controlling gas and temperature, all by definition are anaerobic. 

Why Are We Interested and Why Should You Care?   
If a processor is taking the time to experiment with an already amazing coffee, we take notice. If the result was not interesting or in some cases spectacular, buyers would pass on the lots. The processor would either go back to the tried and tested or move on to a new experiment. But that's just it ...the buyers are buying and the cuppers are impressed. 

Here at Go Cup Yourself, we have an ulterior motive for cupping anaerobic processed coffees. That motive being, the flavours in many of the anaerobic offerings seem to be pronounced and obvious. It's like the essence of the cherry has somehow been forced into the coffee bean in a manner that survives the roast. While this may not be ideal for a cafe's brunch coffee, it is amazing for building a cupping palate and vocabulary!   


Region: Pitalito, Huila
Varietals: Caturra and Bourbon
Growing Elevation: 5600+ feet
Harvest: February through June
Process: Anaerobic Honey Sun Dried on Patios
Flavour Profile and Notes: GO CUP YOURSELF and find out!

This Month's Coffee Selection
Finca La Esperanza is a 20 Hectare farm located in Pitalito in the Huila Region between two mountains at an elevation of 5600+ feet above sea level. Established in 1987 by Fabio Artunduaga, La Esperanza consistently produces specialty quality coffee crops year after year. Fabio is a  first generation coffee producer which brings with it many lessons as well as opportunities. In seeking to increase interest and value in his crops, Fabio is committed to learning new processing methods. 

Aside from the quality of the coffees grown at La Esperanza, we are interested in Fabio's curiosity and experimentation with processing methods. From our supplier we learn that this particular offering was fermented anaerobically in its mucilage (Honey Process) for at least 24 hours. Fabio experiments with the duration up to 36 hours depending on the weather conditions.  While a lot of time and effort is placed into this fermentation method, we as always have only one pressing question ...How Does It Taste?

Roaster’s Notes:
As a rule of thumb, I usually expect Colombian coffees to like a good charge before beginning to roast. They seem to like the heat and go into a boisterous first crack if the roaster is warmed up and set properly. This Colombian offering, likely due to its Anaerobic, Honey Process, preferred a roast approach similar to what we would expect from a natural.  First crack was audible but quieter than a conventional Colombian and second crack was a sizzle.  To create the even roast that you have in your bag, I eased up on the heat towards the end and let the roast coast evolving with its own heat. The result, as you can see was a smooth, silky medium roast that we think you'll enjoy.  

We went with a medium roast to ensure a clean cup of coffee that still offers a unique cupping experience.  Cupping-wise, look for Citrus such as Lemon/Lime and …wait a minute, if you want cupping notes Go Cup Yourself!

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Once you have finished Cupping, click on the “EXPERT TASTED” tab for our tasting notes. Can’t wait to compare notes.

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