July 2023 - 4 Sisters, Oh and 3 Brothers

July 2023’s Coffee Origin
Costa Rica "Las Hermanas De La Candelilla Estate"
Red Honey & Patio Sun Dried

Region: Tarrazu
Varietals: Catuai, Caturra
Growing Elevation: 4600+ feet
Harvest: December through March
Process: Red Honey & Patio Sun Dried
Flavour Profile and Notes: GO CUP YOURSELF and find out!

This Month's Coffee Selection
A True Example of a Family Farm and the Passion of Loving What You Do!

This month's origin comes from a family farm and Micro-Mill that is managed by a family of 4 sisters (Elsa, Luisa, Miriam, and Ana) and 3 brothers. The name Las Hermanas is a reference to "Cuatro Hermanas", the four sisters, while La Candelilla is a reference to the fire flies that dot the summer evening skyline on the estate.  The farm and mill are operated by the 7 siblings (all third generation coffee farmers), each with their own skills and individual section of land to cultivate. Located in Tarrazu, the micro-mill and coffee farms have been in the family for 3 generations and will hopefully stay within the family for generations to come.

Roaster’s Notes:
This month's coffee is roasted to a medium primarily for the flavour profile.  While this origin seems to take heat well, it is very quiet during first crack and is easy to roast unevenly in a light roast. You may also notice that these roasted bean appear relatively small. For some reason, they only expand slightly as they roast. We've discussed this phenomenon in previous months, yet have still not learned conclusively why this occurs with some origins.

As a medium roast, this coffee offers a full bodied, balanced cup. It is a "softer" tasting coffee than many of our previous selections and we have already received a lot of positive feedback in house.  By softer, I am referring to the smooth mouthfeel and gentle aftertaste as opposed to say the heavy thick feel of the Indonesian coffees we've cupped. 

Cupping-wise, enjoy the balanced cup while looking for hints of Peach (a cupping note that is new to our adventure) followed by …wait a minute, if you want cupping notes Go Cup Yourself!

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Once you have finished Cupping, click on the “EXPERT TASTED” tab for our tasting notes. Can’t wait to compare notes.

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