December 2023 - Great Things Come in Small Packages

December 2023’s Coffee Origin
Kenya AA - Baragwi Peaberry

Region: Kirinyaga County, Central Kenya
Varietals: Batian, SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11
Growing Elevation: 5250+ feet
Harvest: December through February
Process: Fully Washed & Patio Dried
Flavour Profile and Notes: GO CUP YOURSELF and find out!

This Month's Coffee Selection
Didn't We Cup a Kenyan Recently?

For those of you keeping track, yes we did cup a Kenyan in October. We received a lot of positive feedback regarding Kenya Nyeri Kamunyaka, so we decided we'd compare a neighbor (relatively speaking).  While these coffees share a mountain region, you will notice that they differ in varietals, elevations, washing stations and OH YEAH, this one's a Peaberry! (For those of you just joining us, please read our coffee selection from March 2021 for a brief explanation of "Peaberry").

Baragwi Farmers' Cooperative Society was established in 1953 and has grown into the largest Kenyan Coffee Association. Baragwi has over 16,000 members contributing to 12 washing stations. From their website we learn that they employ 137 staff members with over 20% of them being women. What makes Baragwi truly interesting is that its management staff are moved between the different washing stations every 2 years to transfer their knowledge as diversify their skills. 

This particular origin comes from the Muchagara washing station located in Kirinyaga County, near Mt. Kenya. Farmers and Producers of the Baragwi Cooperative harvest their coffee trees and deliver their cherries to the Mill. At the Mill the cherries are sorted, depulped, and fermented overnight in open air containers. The stones (coffee beans) are washed in water channels and then sundried on raised beds until they reach the desired moisture level. Then the coffees are sold by auction, through the "Second Window", or direct trade depending on quality and negotiated buying arrangements. The Kenyan system for selling coffee is definitely worth a Google search when you have some spare time. 

As our holiday gift to you, please enjoy the copy of 33 CUPS OF COFFEE - TASTING JOURNAL included in your box. I have found this pocket sized journal to be a fun companion while travelling or simply for keep a record of one off coffees that I've enjoyed at specialty cafes from time to time. While our online flavour wheel is useful, sometimes I just want to write down my thoughts and keep them in my pocket. Enjoy, and Cup How Ya Like!

Roaster’s Notes:
This Kenyan was able to take a fairly hot initial charge and then progressed predictably through the roast (similar to our other Peaberry origins such as Tanzania and Brazil). The challenging aspect is it has a very quiet first crack. If you aren't paying attention it is easy to miss this que and over roast the batch. We tried this coffee at several roast levels (even at a dark roast by accident, that is how we know you can miss first crack). To create an accurate comparison to our previous Kenyan, we've decided to go with a medium roast. This will allow you to compare the two coffees as well as leave you with a great coffee to enjoy with friends over the holidays!

While cupping this month look for hints of Citrus followed by …wait a minute, if you want cupping notes Go Cup Yourself!

Canadian Coffee Subscription

Once you have finished Cupping, click on the “EXPERT TASTED” tab for our tasting notes. Can’t wait to compare notes.

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