Happy whatever you celebrate!

I think we can all agree that it will be nice to actually celebrate things in person again (fingers crossed 2021). At least we can all share a Cupping together, alone, but together, well you know what I mean.

To help end 2020 on a positive (flavour) note, we’ve chosen another one of our favourites to Cup. This month’s coffee should bring joy to your mug along with some hope for the New Year.

December 2020’s coffee selection hails from the Tarrazu region (a Canton of San Jose) of Costa Rica. More specifically this coffee is from Finca El Cedral. The farm is owned by a third-generation coffee producer and while this specific coffee has only been on the market for the past few years it has already joined the ranks of our 2020 recommendations. This coffee is made available through the ASOPROAAA cooperative (a collective of over 1,200 coffee-producing families) with a focus on producing and cultivating high quality micro-lots.

This Natural Processed Micro-Lot spent several days drying in the sun and was then moved to covered Solar Dryers to finish the process. While this may be more labour intensive, it helps to protect the beans from rain and control the drying process. We think the results speak for themselves, but it’s your opinion that matters here, but you can Go Cup Yourself and let us know.

Origin: Costa Rica Tarrazu
Farm: Finca El Cedral
Notes: Natural Processed, Micro-lot
Elevation: 6000+ feet
Varietals: Catuai, Caturra
Drying Process: Combination of Patio and Solar Drying Machine
Harvest Start Month: December
Harvest End Month: February

Roaster’s Notes:
This beautiful Costa Rican Coffee offering was a pleasure to roast. It roasts evenly and has a boisterous popping first crack making a smooth transition into second crack. After several roasts (mostly looking for an excuse to cup more of the offering) we found the smoothest balance between flavours and everyday drinkability with a light/medium roast (light Viennese roast). Our tasting notes included milk Chocolate, Strawberry and hey wait a minute… if you want to know the cupping notes why don’t you Go Cup Yourself!

May your New year be filled with great coffee, self-cupping and in person hugs, until then, why don’t you Go Cup Yourself!

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